Our team

Meet a few of our employees

  • Jonathan Rosenberg

  • Roslyn Croney

  • Charlie Baxter

    Senior Managing Director
  • Marcus Guthery

    Director of Loss Mitigation
  • Leslie Dominy

    Vice President of Loan Servicing
  • Traverse Fournier


Meet our leadership

  • Stephen Rosenberg

    Founder and Corporate Chief Executive Officer
  • Curtis Pollock

    Corporate Co-Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Barolak

    Corporate Co-Chief Operating Officer
  • Bruce Bolick

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Doug P. Benach

    Chief Investment Officer, Real Estate
  • Kerry Brewer

    Vice President, Greystone Property Management Corporation
  • Robert A. Culnane

    President, GCO Education Loan Funding Corp.
  • Jonathan D. Coven

    Executive Managing Director
  • Charles Di Maggio

    COO of Greystone Management Solutions
  • Tanya Eastwood

    Senior Vice President, Affordable Housing Initiatives
  • William B. Guessford

    Senior Vice President of Multifamily Property Management and Acquisitions
  • Arthur Hatzopoulos

    Executive Managing Director
  • Mark R. Jarrell

    Executive Vice President, Servicing and Asset Management
  • Martin Lanigan

    Executive Vice President - Portfolio Lending Group
  • Jody McClanahan

    Director of Human Resources
  • Joseph H. Mosley

    Executive Managing Director of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Lending
  • William H. Posey III

    CEO of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Lending
  • Jonathan Russell

    Chief Information Officer
  • Robert Russell

    Head of CMBS Production
  • Claudia Schiepers

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Lisa Schwartz

    General Counsel
  • Jeffrey Simpson

    CEO – Property Development
  • Darryl Speach

    Chief Customer Officer
  • Victoria Spevacek

    Chief Talent Officer
  • Serafino Tobia

    Director of CMBS and Bond Trading
  • Betsy Vartanian

    CEO of FHA Lending