Loan Servicing

Greystone services and provides asset management for a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of real estate loans for Fannie Mae, GNMA, FHA, Freddie Mac, private investors, public agencies, and our own portfolios. Our professionals specialize in managing the distinctive needs of multifamily and healthcare facility loans, and are dedicated to providing the highest level of personal attention and skilled support to borrowers and investors. Greystone is ranked “strong” by Standard & Poor’s and as one of its Select Servicers. Greystone’s commitment to providing constructive solutions to our clients’ needs doesn’t end when a loan or deal closes. We provide the same uncommon level of support to loan servicing and asset management. Rather than relegating these functions to the “back office”, we’ve made them a core part of our business, and we aim to deliver the best possible experience to both borrowers and investors.

Our servicing professionals average more than a decade of industry experience, and manage a large and fast-growing portfolio of loans, including multifamily and healthcare facility mortgages across virtually every state of the country. To distinguish our service, we assign an individual asset manager to every account, providing borrowers with a single point of contact for all questions and needs. That means borrowers always have a qualified expert to turn to with specific knowledge about their mortgage, rather than having to call a customer service pool.

As a leading Fannie Mae and HUD lender, Greystone has built strong relationships with both organizations, enabling us to address everyday questions and special situations quickly and efficiently. Wherever possible, we provide borrowers with alternative solutions, based on their circumstances, mortgage terms, and objectives.

Through meticulous monitoring, we maintain a watch list of loans with potential financial performance or compliance issues. Based on these warning signs, we work with our loan investors, FHA/GNMA, and Fannie Mae and take swift and appropriate action. When warranted, we’ll apply Greystone’s firm-wide resources to develop workout options, including buying and restructuring troubled loans.

Greystone manages all aspects of loan administration, including billing, collections, remittances to trustees, investment and administration of escrow accounts, subsidy administration, property inspections, UCC administration, compliance monitoring, and loan activity reporting.

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Loan Servicing

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